“Life is constantly moving forward and we believe that we need to keep up with it if we are to reach the goal we all seek and realize the hopes that simmer in the hearts of our people”.

His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said bin Taimour Al Said


"We are extremely happy with the training outcomes of programs conducted by Rikaz Global. They have always gone the extra mile to give us their full support and acted as real business partners.

We believe that all this success was a result of their values & commitment to do all it takes to provide a high quality service. They have always dedicated strong teams in the planning and implementation of their programs along with the provision of effective follow-up services to make sure their programs have met the desired objectives”.

Anwar Masaud Ali Alkindi

Senior Manager, Employee Relation & HR Management System

Oman Telecommunications Company S.A.O.G

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 Rikaz Global Our Business & Strategy    

Rikaz – Your local base; The source of your support.
Global – Taking the best from all over the world, to give you the highest international standards.

Rikaz Global
is a 100% Omani owned initiative established in 2006, and has quickly gained a formidable reputation, as a one-stop shop for corporate strategy and development.   More...


In a changing business environment with new challenges every day,even the best and most experienced leaders need fresh ideas. They need new strategies to take new opportunities.    More 

Your organization is a people-powered machine.Your people can last a lifetime with performance that just gets better and better. The magic ingredient is personal development for all. We can give you those skill.s.     More


Efficient, dynamic administrative structure helps you get on with your business.It helps your people know what their colleagues are trying to achieve so that they can help. If you want back  office to be an engine instead of a weight on your back, We can help. More...


The means to get your messages over to your customers, and to understand their current and future needs. Nothing will help you more in shaping your strategy than understanding your stakeholders. We want to listen to your needs More...